Personal Shopper Service

Want to buy a product at a store in the US, but finds it difficult to use your credit card? Do not understand the buying process because it is in English? It feels unsafe to use your credit card? Do not worry! Our Personal Shopper service allows you to get what you want without problems.

How to order our personal shopper service step by step.

1. Select your product from any US store and send us the link (link) of the website of the product in which you are interested via Whatsapp: 0019177448651, 0983331573 or to our e-mail: [email protected]
2. We will confirm your article and its total costs (including the cost of your article, customs, taxes and handling).
3. Send us your data: Full name, address, telephone number, identification number and electronic mail.
4. Make your payment to the bank account that will tell you or using any credit card.
5. Send us a copy of the deposit slip via Whatsapp: 0019177448651, 0983331573 or to our e-mail .: [email protected]
6. You will receive your item directly to the address you provide us.

IMPORTANT: All purchases are made in the United States, we have no control in the United States mail or Customs in Ecuador. Your order may take 12 to 15 business days.


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